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Does your organisation use terms such as 'Corporate Social Responsibility' to describe ways in which it is acting in the public interest? 


How confident are you that this is happening in practice? 


Social Governance is about actually doing the right thing rather than using corporate speak to say you do.


Learn how your organisation can be more effective in increasing the positive impact (and reducing any negative impacts) your products and services can have on your customers and the wider environment. Click the button below and get in touch .



SG Organisations believes gambliing companies must continue to do more to protect their customers from gambling harms.


SG Organisations does not provide gambling games, but we do support gambling companies in doing more to improve their approaches to social responsibility and customer protection.


SG Organisations provides consultancy services to sports clubs that work with, or are considering working with gambling companies on how best to influence those companies to do more to protect their customers from gambling harms


Our Managing Director Paul Carpenter is one of the UK's most experienced corporate governance and social responsibility compliance professionals.  Paul has a wealth of experience in assessing the customer protection systems and controls at many of the world's largest gambling companies, most recently against the requirements of the Safer Gambling Standard.  


The Safer Gambling Standard is provided by GamCare, the leading provider of information, advice and support for anyone affected by gambling harms.


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We produce our custom strategy/skill games for mobile and the web to promote fair and inclusive competition in sport.  We are currently focused on producing versions of our Goalscorer skill games to support charities and showcase other ESG Companies. You can find out more at


We demonstrate our ethos of fair and inclusive competition for all by producing turn-based skill games.  In our games anyone of any age can be the best player regardless of a player's dexterity and reaction times which start deteriorate in early adulthood.

The first test versions of our Goalscorer game have been produced for Android mobile and IOS and can be found on Google Play and the App Store.

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SG Organisations Limited 
incorporated in England and Wales under Company No: 13224727
Registered Office: Suite 6, C1 Coalport House Stafford Court, Stafford Park 1, Telford, England, TF3 3BD

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